New York Takes Top Global Fashion Capital Award Paris Falls to No. 4

GLM’s 12th Annual Ranking

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New York is First Fashion Capital to Receive over 1 Billion Citations in any Category

A Resurgent London Streaks to Second Followed by L.A.

Austin, Texas and New York City, September 10, 2018.   New York City has wrested the Top Global Fashion Capital Award from Paris. 

In an age where statistical (and cultural) norms appear to be upending at an ever-increasing rate, New York City now stands firmly atop the world of fashion.  Not only did it dethrone Paris by a significant margin, but New York also became the first Fashion Capital to receive more than 1,000,000,000 citations in a single category. 

Each year, GLM ranks all Global Fashion Capitals that qualify by surpassing significant thresh-holds in five categories:  Fashion, Moda, Haute Couture, Pert-a-Porter, and Ready-to-Wear. This is the 12th annual ranking, after two years of tests and development in LaJolla, CA. (#TopGlobalFashionCapital)

“GLMs Annual Rankings directly chart the rise of an ever-expanding cultural phenomenon – Fashion in the 21st century,” said Paul JJ Payack, President of the Global Language Monitor.  We are now witnessing the consolidation of fashion, film, theater, music, and Social Media and the Red Carpet experience.”

Top Global Fashion Capitals 2018
1New YorkBack on top with more than a billion citations
2LondonLeaps from No. 6 to First Runner-up
3Los AngelesAll those Red Carpets form a formidable base
4ParisDrops from first to fourth.  Ouch
5BerlinMoves deeper into th Top Ten from No. 8
6BarcelonaGaining in stature and prestige
7DubaiAn all-but-unlimited budget helps a bit
8Las VegasA global magnet for those consolidating forces
9MilanoStill in the hunt; still a ways to go
10MadridAlways a pleasant surprise; get used to it
11FlorenceSurprising strength in unexpected categories
12Melbourne, AustraliaMelbourne is pulling away from Sydney
13SingaporeAnother strong showing as No. 1 in Asia
14MonacoMonte Carlo up 24 spots
15MumbaiDramatic move From No.38 to No. 27
16AmsterdamBouncing around but another solid showing
17TokyoThree years ago is was No. 10
18SantiagoBreaks into the Top 20 moving from No. 24
19BaliAgain, second in swimwear to Barcelona
20Hong KongNo. 1 in China to Shanghai’s chagrin
21PraguePraha:  Still Central Europe’s top performer
22ShanghaiLots of capital poured into the Arts here
23SeoulSeoul was No. 56 just three years ago.
24Bangkok Was saga of the Trapped Boys an inspiration?
25Warsaw Competing with Vienna for No. 2 in Middle Europe
26ViennaVienna dropped two spots to Warsaw this year
27Buenos AiresPerhaps the Pope has some influence here!?
28Portland, OregonPortland’s highest ranking (and beatin’ Austin,too)
29CopenhagenKobenhavn is a center of diverse creativity
30MoscowDrops from two years running at No. 22
31Washington, DCThe one thing D.C. is known for is influence
32Sao PauloNot near its glory days of Olympics yore
33Frankfurt am MainA steadily rising force in Europe (and the world)
34Rio de JaneiroLosing steam since its Olympics fiasco
35Sydney, AustraliaFalling behind Melbourne; what’s happening here?
36New DelhiAs the economy expands, so does its influence
37Dallas, TexasIts economy is thriving; expect upward movement
38Kuala LampurUp from No. 47, a strong Muslim sector
39Cape TownHas held steady for three years now
40Abu DhabiFrom No. 55 to current No. 41
41Montreal QuebecNice gain for thirteen points in Francophone city
42Mexico CityA new president and a new optimism
43Columbus, Ohio Gains in stature as outsiders learn of Fashion heft
44JohannesburgJo-burg falls as Cape Town rises
45Austin, TexasAustin continues to grow in Sustainable Fashion
46San Francisco, Calif.San Francisco hasn’t come up Tech-inspired fashion
47St. PetersburgSt. Petersburg remains a bit of a fashion enigma
48Stockholm, Sweden Losing some of former vision
49Houston, TexasHouston is happy: Texas produces 20% of worlds oil
50Vancouver, B.C,Holding steady in the low 50s
51KrakowA cultural treasure in traditional fashion and more
52Miami, FloridaA low-point from the formerly strong showings
53CaracasRemains in economic and political chaos
54Lagos, NigeriaSome movement here, expect more
55Antwerpen Antwerpen was in Top Ten in one category only
56Atlanta, GeorgiaA steady decline in fashion influence
57Chicago, IllinoisCity of the Big Shoulders is at lowest ranking
58Boston, MassachusettsBoston swoons after a promising start
59Dakar, SenegalFalls four spots since entering the List
60Toronto, OntarioToronto increasingly lags behind Montreal
61Beirut, LebanonThe Paris of the East shows signs of revival
62Accra, GhanaDeveloping Fashion Capital makes little movement
63Auckland, NZWelcome to the Top Global Fashion Capitals
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 Announcement:  Auckland, NZ has qualified for the rankings with final analysis currently in process.

Methodology: For this analysis, the Global Language Monitor used its proprietary Brand Affiliation Index (BAI), the same technology used to measure global brand equity for the Olympics, World Cup, the Fortune 500, and others. This exclusive, GLM longitudinal-study encompasses the prior three years to better assess short-term velocity and longer-term momentum. The study is a Big Data textual analysis based on billions of web pages, millions of blogs, the top 375,000 global print, and electronic media, and new social media formats as they appear. This survey, which was first made public in 2007.

Background:  The Top Global Fashion Capitals are now recognized as the standard in the fashion world, as you can see below.  For the 2017 edition, we are tracking more than three-score established and emerging centers of fashion. Our efforts have attracted an inordinate number of citations in the global media, as well as in academic, research and texts. For more than a decade now, the Global Language Monitor has employed its proprietary algorithms to cut through the world of Big Data establishing the definitive, nonbiased rankings of the Top Global Fashion Capitals.

The result is a longitudinal survey that runs for three years, with its final updating in the weeks before the yearly announcement. GLM surveys. billions of web pages, millions of blogs, the top 300,000 global print and electronic media, as well as new social media sources as they emerge.  In effect, any and all databases available on the web, including key proprietary databases for specific content.

About the Global Language Monitor

In 2003, The Global Language Monitor (GLM) was founded in Silicon Valley by Paul J.J. Payack on the understanding that new technologies and techniques were necessary for truly understanding the world of Big Data, as it is now known.  Previous to this Payack was the founding president at, and a senior executive for a number of leading high tech companies.

Today, from its home in Austin, Texas GLM provides a number of innovative products and services that utilize its ‘algorithmic services’ to help worldwide customers protect, defend and nurture their branded products and entities. Products include ‘brand audits’ to assess the current status, establish baselines, and competitive benchmarks for current intellectual assets and brands, and to defend products against ambush marketing.

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