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In the rapidly changing communications and media environment of the early 21st century, you cannot rely on telephone surveys, at home interviews, newspaper clippings or television mentions to measure the worth of a brand. Today the methodology must encompass the newest social media services (e.g., Twitter and Facebook), as well as the top million millions blogs, the billions of web pages, as well as the 75,000 top global print and electronic media — as well as proprietary databases.

This enormous sample simply cannot be tampered with because no single, institution has the ability to influence, let alone corrupt, data streaming from hundreds of thousands if not millions of points of origin.

TrendTopper MediaBuzz utilizes a mathematical model that ‘normalizes’ the data and allows GLM to make statistically significant comparisons among the various measurements. The end result is a non-biased analytical tool that will allow you to gauge the relative values differing institutions are assigned by consumers, as well as measures of how that value changes over time.

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