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TrendTopper MediaBuzz University Rankings for Spring/Summer 2012

Five Universities were added to the list on April 6th.

Below are the top 215 University and Master-degree granting institutions for Spring/Summer 2012 ranked by their Internet Brand Equity as determined by GLM’s analytical methodologies.


The Top 215 Universities by Internet MediaBuzz for Spring/Summer 2012

Rank / University

1 Massachusetts Institute of Technology
2 Harvard University
3 University of Chicago
4 Columbia University
5 University of Wisconsin—Madison
6 Cornell University
7 University of California—Los Angeles
8 Stanford University
9 Yale University
10 University of Texas—Austin
11 University of Washington
12 University of Pennsylvania
13 University of Michigan—Ann Arbor
14 University of California–Berkeley
15 Princeton University
16 Ohio State University—Columbus
17 University of California — Davis
18 Indiana University—Bloomington
19 Virginia Tech
20 New York University
21 Duke University
22 University of California—San Diego
23 Georgia Institute of Technology
24 Johns Hopkins University
25 University of Virginia
26 Georgetown University
27 Boston College
28 University of Georgia
29 University of North Carolina—Chapel Hill
30 Boston University
31 George Washington University
32 Northwestern University
33 University of Southern California
34 University of Pittsburgh
35 University of Illinois—Urbana – Champaign
36 University of Minnesota
37 Brown University
38 University of Miami
39 University of Phoenix
40 University of California—Santa Barbara
41 Michigan State University
42 California Institute of Technology
43 Purdue University
44 University of California—Irvine
45 University of Iowa
46 Carnegie Mellon University
47 Vanderbilt University
48 Texas A&M University
49 University of Maryland—College Park
50 Syracuse University
51 Pennsylvania State University
52 University of Rochester
53 University of California—Santa Cruz
54 University of Notre Dame
55 University of Missouri—Columbia
56 University of California—Riverside
57 Iowa State University
58 Rutgers, the State University of NJ
59 University of Colorado—Boulder
60 Emory University
61 University of Oregon
62 University of Florida
63 University of Massachusetts—Amherst
64 Brigham Young University—Provo
65 Auburn University
66 University of Delaware
67 Washington University in St. Louis
68 Case Western Reserve University
69 University of Kentucky
70 University of Tennessee
71 University of South Carolina—Columbia
72 Tufts University
73 Rice University
74 Dartmouth College
75 Baylor University
76 Northeastern University
77 University of Connecticut
78 Wake Forest University
79 University of Kansas
80 Missouri U. of Science and Technology
81 University of Arizona
82 North Carolina State University—Raleigh
83 University of Vermont
84 University of Oklahoma
85 Fordham University
86 Arizona State University
87 Tuskegee University
88 Tulane University
89 Southern Methodist University
90 Howard University
91 Villanova University
92 Xavier University
93 Loyola University, Chicago
94 Lehigh University
95 Miami University—Ohio
96 Drexel University
97 University of Denver
98 Marquette University
99 College of William and Mary
100 Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
101 Texas Christian University
102 Brandeis University
103 University of Dayton
104 James Madison University
105 DePaul University
106 Washington State University
107 Santa Clara University
108 Colorado State University
109 University of New Hampshire
110 Kansas State University
111 American University
112 Rochester Inst. of Technology
113 Truman State University
114 University of Alabama
115 University of Arkansas
116 St. Mary’s College of California
117 University of San Diego
118 Liberty University
119 Hofstra University
120 Catholic University of America
121 SUNY—Stony Brook
122 St Louis University
123 CUNY-Queens
124 Worcester Polytechnic Institute
125 St. Catherine University
126 Creighton University
127 Illinois Institute of Technology
128 Towson University
129 Californis State U — Long Beach
130 Kaplan University
131 Providence College
132 Pepperdine University
133 Yeshiva University
134 Drake University
135 Butler University
136 St. Joseph’s University
137 Texas State U — San Marcos
138 Loyola University New Orleans
139 CUNY-Brooklyn
140 University of the Pacific
141 Clemson University
142 Gonzaga University
143 CUNY-Hunter College
144 CUNY-Baruch
145 Walden University
146 Seattle University
147 Ithaca College
148 St Johns University NY
149 Montclair State University
150 Binghamton– SUNY
151 Clark University
152 Capella University
153 Stevens Institute of Technology
154 Emerson College
155 Colorado School of Mines
156 Chapman University
157 University of Tulsa
158 Loyola Marymount University
159 Loyola College Maryland
160 Quinnipiac University
161 University of Redlands
162 New Jersey Institute of Technology
163 Manhattan College
164 Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology
165 Mills College
166 Elon University
167 Bradley University
168 Embry-Riddle Aeronautical U.
169 John Carroll University
170 Stetson University
171 CUNY-City College
172 The Citadel
173 Bentley University
174 University at Buffalo—SUNY
175 Abilene Christian University
176 Valparaiso University
177 Cal Poly—San Luis Obispo
178 Clarkson University
179 Fairfield University
180 University of San Francisco
181 Rider University
182 Morgan State University
183 Iona College
184 University of Scranton
185 Michigan Technological University
186 Xavier University of Louisiana
187 Simmons College
188 Sacred Heart University
189 Western Governors University
190 University of Dallas
191 Springfield College
192 Oral Roberts University
193 St. Mary’s University of San Antonio
194 Ramapo College
195 College of Charleston
196 University of Mary Hardin-Baylor
197 Evergreen State
198 Florida A&M University
199 Wagner College
200 University of Portland
201 Alfred University
202 St Edward’s University
203 Rollins College
204 Baldwin – Wallace College
205 Dillard University (LA)
206 Rowan University
207 University of Mary Washington
208 LaSalle University
209 Manhattanville College
210 University of Northern Iowa
211 St. Bonaventure University
212 Hamline University
213 Hood College
214 Whitworth University
215 Augsburg College

The TrendTopper MediaBuzz Rankings measure near real-time movements of an institution’s reputation or ‘brand equity’, using the same techniques used to measure the appeal of any other branded product, such as luxury automobiles, or consumer electronics. For the first time GLM expanded the Rankings to over 400 schools, 210 in the University Division with another 200 in the College Division to widen the bases of comparison for the education marketplace.

Unlike other college rankings, specialty schools such as Julliard, SAIC, and the Cooper Union, the service academies, business, tech schools are included in the rankings.  Also incorporated into the rankings are ‘for profit” (University of Phoenix) and online institutions, such as Capella and Walden.  This is to provide true comparisons between and among the various types of post-secondary institutions now available to the discerning educational consumers. The full rankings  include positive or negative movement, and MediaBuzz Velocity and Momentum that reveal how a school’s (short-term and long-term) brand equity is increasing or decreasing against its peer group, and the other competitors.


The  TrendTopper MediaBuzz Analysis uses the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching’s classifications as the basis to distinguish between Universities and Colleges. The schools were ranked in the last week of March 2012, with a December snapshot as well as the last day of the previous surveys as the base.

TrendTopper MediaBuzz utilizes a  mathematical model that ‘normalizes’ the data collected from the Internet, social media, and blogosphere as well as the top 175,000 print and electronic media, as well as new social media as they emerge.  The end result is a non-biased analytical tool that provides a gauge of relative values among various institutions, as well as measures of how that value changes over time.

What Others are Saying:

Colleges, Ranked by ‘Media Buzz’

By Eric Hoover

A savvy enrollment manager once told me that a crucial part of his job was getting his college’s name in newspapers and magazines. After all, he said, the more people see an institution’s name, the more familiar it becomes, and the more attractive it seems to prospective students.

He was describing “buzz,” something most colleges crave. In case you didn’t know, the Global Language Monitor will measure it for you.



For the numbers behind the rankings,the why and wherefore,  including the numerical analysis of the Top Colleges and Universities, the rankings and numerical analysis for the top gainers and losers, colleges ranked by velocity andmomentum (short-term and longer-term movement), click here.


The Top Colleges by Internet MediaBuzz for Spring/Summer 2012