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Top Royal Baby Names Most Buzzed About on the Internet

Speculation for Girl over Boy:   64%-36%

Alexandra No. 1 for Classic Royal Names

Amelia, Charlotte, Emma and variants of Elisabeth among the more popular girls names

July 22, 2013  (Updated) Austin, TEXAS — Last week the Global Language Monitor announced the Top Royal Baby’s Names Most Buzzed About on the Internet.  This is an update to that story.

For the analysis, GLM examined three dozen feminine names from the British royal lineage over the last 200 years and then cross-referenced them with names associated with the royal birth  in Internet  MediaBuzz.  Since Prince William and the former Kate Middleton seem to have a penchant for the latest fashion, GLM then cross-referenced the Classic Royal Names withe the top girls baby names in the UK, US, and Australia for 2012.

Members of the British Royal Family often carry several names, as many as four or five are in contention. Queen Elizabeth’s full Christian name is Elizabeth Alexandra Mary. while Price William’s is William Arthur Philip Louis.

In the analysis, GLM searched hundreds of millions of Internet sources, the blogosphere, the top 250,000 electronic and media sites, as well as social media sources, as they emerge.  The analysis was completed earlier this week.

The Top Classic Royal Female Names according to Internet MediaBuzz

The Brand Affiliation Index (BAI) ranks the names according to their association with the royal birth.















Perchance, the Royal Couple have a strong penchant for popular girl names, GLM analyzed the top female name of the Royal Families for the last 200 years  and also cross-indexed the top girl’s for 2012 for the UK, US and Australia.

 The Top Royal Female Names Crossed Referenced with Popular Names in UK, US, and AUS

The chart shows the Top Classic Royal Feminine crossed-referenced with the most popular names for baby girls (2012)













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