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The “Best and the Brightest™ BCS Football rankings combine athletic prowess with academic achievement


Stanford No. 1, No.2 OSU, No.3 UDub, No.4 Georgia, No.5 UCLA, No.6 Oregon

TrendTopper Best and the Brightest™ BCS Football rankings 

First Weekly Appearance

Austin, TEXAS, October 2, 2013   Stanford, Ohio State, Washington take the top three spots in the TrendTopper Top 40 Football Poll — the first BCS Football rankings that combine athletic prowess with academic achievement.  To create the “Best and the Brightest™ rankings, the Global Language Monitor (GLM) combined the results of the AP Writers and USAToday Coaches polls with the TrendTopper MediaBuzz College Rankings.   Following Stanford, were Ohio State, Washington, Georgia, and UCLA.  Rounding out the Top Ten were Oregon, Texas A&M, Virginia Tech, Wisconsin, and Florida State.

“This is the first time that football prowess and academic performance are given equal weight,” said Paul  JJ Payack, president and Chief Word Analyst for GLM.  “The TrendTopper  Top 40 Football Poll helps address the rising chorus of criticism addressed at BSC-level colleges for sacrificing their academic missions on the altar of ever-increasing television revenues.”

The TrendTopper  Top 40 Football Poll will be released weekly through the BCS National Championship.

The complete TrendTopper  Top 40 Football Poll follows.

TrendTopper Top 40 Football Poll Week 1
Rank College Last Change
1 Stanford 1 0
2 Ohio State 2 0
3 Washington 3 0
4 Georgia 4 0
5 UCLA 7 -2
6 Oregon 6 0
7 Texas A&M 9 -1
8 Virginia Tech 14 -5
9 Wisconsin 5 4
9 Florida State 10 1
11 Northwestern 12 0
12 Clemson 13 0
13 Miami (FL) 15 -1
14 South Carolina 16 -1
15 Alabama 17 -1
16 Michigan 15 2
17 Texas 20 -3
18 Oklahoma 22 -4
19 Navy 18 1
20 Michigan State 22 -2
21 Louisville 22 -1
21 USC 25 -4
23 Baylor 28 -5
24 Minnesota 21 3
25 LSU 22 3
25 Notre Dame 19 6
27 Georgia Tech 11 16
28 Kansas State 30 -2
29 North Carolina 30 -1
29 Rutgers 32 -3
31 Boston College 33 -2
32 Missouri 38 -6
33 Illinois 33 0
34 Arizona State 42 -8
34 Southern California 37 -3
36 Iowa 41 -5
37 Oklahoma State 29 8
38 Virginia 40 -2
39 Florida 27 12
40 Fresno State 42 -2
40 Maryland 35 5

© Global Language Monitor 2013

All schools receiving any votes in any week in either poll are included in the rankings.  A total of fifty-four schools are currently eligible for the TrendTopper Top 40 Football Poll, those others may be added if they are new to the AP and USAToday polls.

About the TrendTopper MediaBuzz Rankings

UniversityBusiness magazine called TTMB, the “Nielsen ratings for higher ed” — and further explained that “Trend Topper MediaBuzz may be the most useful ‘ranking tool’ a school can use in its recruitment, marketing, and development efforts.”  Eric Hoover wrote in The Chronicle of Higher Education: “A savvy enrollment manager once told me that a crucial part of his job was getting his college’s name in newspapers and magazines. After all, he said, the more people see an institution’s name, the more familiar it becomes, and the more attractive it seems to prospective students. He was describing “buzz,” something most colleges crave. In case you didn’t know, the Global Language Monitor will measure it for you.”

The TrendTopper MediaBuzz College Rankings are specifically designed to measure the Internet “Brand Equity” of the colleges and universities. Time Magazine described internet brand equity as: “…a measure of who’s talking about you online, based on Internet data, social media, blogs and the top [2]75,000 print and electronic media outlets. GLM then ranks the schools ‘according to their online presence — or internet brand equity. By focusing on online presence, the Monitor hopes to avoid the biases that characterize other rankings, which commonly rely on the opinions of university officials and college counselors rather than that of the greater public”.

TrendTopper MediaBuzz utilizes a mathematical model that normalizes the data and allows statistically-significant comparisons among the various measurements. The end result is a non-biased analytical tool that allows college administrators you to gauge the relative values differing institutions are assigned by consumers, as well as measures of how that value changes over time.

The Top Colleges and Universities were also ranked by “Media Momentum”, defined as its largest change in Media Buzz from the end of the last survey and the largest change in media citations in the previous nine months. The study is longitudinal in nature with the latest analysis completed January 30, 2013.
About the Global Language Monitor
Austin, Texas-based Global Language Monitor is a global media consulting organization that provides brand management analytics for colleges and universities.

For more information, call 1.512.815.8836, email info@LanguageMonitor.com, or visit www.LanguageMonitor.com.



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