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Data Is All Around Us

How We See Data

Everywhere we go we see something that has to do with data, statistics, numbers and the technology that assists. On Languagemonitor.com , there are articles upon articles full of data and statistics that go along with what is happening in the world. If we click on the "disasters" tab, we will see that based on the NarrativeTrackers analysis, the casualties from the Japan Tsunami were estimated to reach 25,000 to 50,000 or more. They used data, numbers and statistics to figure out this data, were they right? Another interesting article is in the top words of 2012. These words were China, Europe, The Election, Kate, Deficit, Global Warming, Derecho, Olympiad, Cern, Rogue Nukes, Near-Earth Asteroid, Arab SPring, Bak'tun, Solar Max, Hen and Obesogenic. Based on statistics, those were the 16 top trending words in 2012. What will the top trending words be in 2014? Maybe they will give us a new analysis.

The Global Language Monitor

Statistics & Analysis

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To understand data and how it works can seem quite difficult, but if you read some of the interesting articles on languaemonitor.com, you may be able to understand a little better how data and technology are a part of each other and how they go hand in hand. Data is used for everything, and it is time for us to become more aware of how and when it is used.


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