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British Open widens lead over the Masters as Golf’s Top Major

Third Annual Ranking of Tournament Brand Equity

The BAI helps determine the value of an event

In Analysis ‘The Players’ Ranks higher than the PGA, Again

Tour Championship by Coca-Cola Registers Less than 1% of Internet MediaBuzz


Austin, Texas. the Masters Weekend, April 2014 — The Open Championship has widened it lead over the Masters as the Top Golf Major in the Global Language Monitor’s third annual ranking.

Golf Majors 2014

The analysis compared the strength of affiliation of each of the currently recognized events (The Masters, The US Open, The Open Championship or British Open and the PGA Championship) to the concept of ‘major championship’.  GLM then added the Players Championship and the end-of-the-season Tour Championship for comparison with the four recognized events.  The Players Championship has solidified its position as the ‘Stealth Major’ again placing third in the ranking, ahead of the PGA Championship.  To judge the impact of  the Tour Championship, GLM put it into the mix but later eliminated it for consideration after it did not meet the minimum criteria for inclusion.

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When compared to the 2013 analysis, the Open Championship gained some 40 points, the Masters and US Open remained strong at last year’s levels , while both the Players and PGA Championships finished with lower BAI scores.  In 2013 the PGA finished about ten points behind the Players, while in 2014 the PGA lagged behind by about twenty points as measured by the BAI.

The BAI is an important metric to advertisers and sponsors since it helps determine the value of an event.

Golf Majors 2014 Change


Of course, by elevating the Players to Major Status, Jack Nicklaus would add three Major victories to his total (to 21), while Tiger Woods would add only one (to 15).

“Since 1860 The Open is the championship against which all future Majors would be judged.  Now over one hundred and fifty-years later, we see that it is strengthening both its reputation and significance,” said Paul JJ Payack, President and Chief Word Analyst of GLM.  Furthermore, it actually moved forward to a commanding lead in the ranking of Golf’s Major Championship.  In spite of its elite field and generous purse, the end-of-season Tour Championship did not meet the minimum criteria for inclusion.”



In the early to mid 20th century, the Majors were considered to be those tournaments won by Bobby Jones during his historic 1930 season:  the US and British Amateurs, the Open Championship and the US Open. Later Jones’ own tournament, the Masters, gained in importance as did the Western Open (considered a Major by many for a number of decades) as the British PGA fell from favor.  As recently as 1960 there was no official recognition of the Majors, as such.


GLM ranks Golf’s Major Championships by Internet Media Buzz.  For this analysis, GLM employed its proprietary Brand Affiliation Index.  The BAI computes and details the relative brand equity of people, products or events based on the analysis of global discourse, providing a real-time, accurate assessment at any point in time. To do so, GLM analyzes the billions of pages on the Internet, millions of blogs, the top 300,000 global print and electronic media, as well as new social media sources, as they emerge.

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