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New York Regains Fashion Capital Crown from Milan

Top Global Fashion Capitals 2010


Barcelona and Madrid Move into the Top Ten; Rome Plummets

Hong Kong overcomes both London and Paris

Austin, Texas. August 12, 2010. New York has regained the title of World Fashion Capital of 2010, after being bested by Milan in 2009 according to the Global Language Monitor’s annual survey. Topping the list for 2010 are New York, Hong Kong, London, Paris, and Los Angeles. Milan, Sydney, Miami Barcelona and Madrid followed. This was the first time the two Iberian cities were ranked in the Top Ten.

Top movers included Hong Kong, Madrid and Melbourne. In the battle for the Subcontinent Mumbai again outdistanced Delhi, while Sao Paulo continued its leadership over Rio, Buenos Aires and Mexico City in Latin America.

Top newcomers to the expanded list included No.17 Amsterdam, Nos. 23 and 25 Cape Town and Johannesburg, No. 27 Vienna and No. 32, Bali.

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In perhaps a harbinger of things to come, this is the first analysis where the traditional Big Five (New York, Paris, Milan, and Rome) did not dominate the global fashion scene.

“As the global fashion industry adjusted to the new economic reality, New York rebounded to the No. 1 spot it has now held for six of the last seven years,” said Rebecca Payack, the Manhattan-based fashion correspondent for the Global Language Monitor.

“This year’s list of the Top Fashion Capitols, shows the global fashion industry to remain in flux, with the relative decline of some of the previously leading players and formerly regional players emerging as significant new influences.”

The world ‘rag’ business is estimated to be over three trillion USD. Regional rankings are provided below.

This exclusive ranking is based upon GLM’s Predictive Quantities Index, a proprietary algorithm that tracks words and phrases in print and electronic media, on the Internet and throughout the blogosphere.

The words and phrases are tracked in relation to their frequency, contextual usage and appearance in global media outlets..

The Top Fashion Capitols List was expanded to forty from thirty to reflect the various emerging and diverse players affecting the industry..

The Top Fashion Capitals of 2010, change from the 2009 rankings, and commentary follow.

1. New York (+1) – Reclaims the top spot which it sees as its rightful place.

2. Hong Kong (+5) – The highest ranking ever for an Asian city.

3. London (+2) – The first time, the No. 2 ranking goes to anyone other than the Classic Four (New York, Paris, London and Milan).

4. Paris (-1) – No. 1 in our hearts by No. 4 in the eyes of the media.

5. Los Angeles (+1) – Film is playing an ever more important place in the world of fashion.

6. Milano (-5) – Milan Fashion Week was widely considered a disappointment.

7. Sydney (+2) – Sydney and Melbourne are both energizing the fashion world from Oz.

8. Miami (+5) – strength in swimwear propels Miami into the Top Ten.

9. Barcelona (+5) – Once again, take the top spot in Iberia.

10. Madrid (+11) – Impressive leap into the Top Ten.

11. Melbourne (+14) – Sydney strides ahead; Melbourne even moreso.

12. Shanghai (+2) — Hong Kong and Shanghai both outpace Tokyo.

13. Sao Paulo (-5) – No. 1 in Latin America, again.

14. Tokyo (-2) – Maintaining a relatively strong message while slipping a bit.

15. Singapore (+5) – Strong fashion infrastructure helps it keep pace.

16. Las Vegas (-6) – Hard economic times make a dent in Vegas’ standing.

17. Amsterdam (NL) – Move on to the list for the first time.

18. Berlin (+1) – Hard work helps it main spot in the Top Twenty.

19. Rio de Janeiro (-1) – Strong Latin presence yet slips further behind Sao Paulo.

20. Moscow (+2) – Back in the Top Twenty where it belongs.

21. Dubai (-10) – Transformation of Burg Dubai into Burj Khalifa mirrors the local fashion industry’s trajectory for the year.

22. Rome (-18) – Steepest decline for the survey, ever.

23. Cape Town (NL) – Nice debut for a city known for its multicultural beauty

24. Buenos Aires (0) – Remains No. 3 in Latin America reflecting its glorious past.

25.   Johannesburg (NL) – A big year for South Africa with two debuts in the Top Twenty-five.

26.  Prague (+3) – Proud city further strengthens its fashion credentials.

27. Vienna (NL) – Strong debut for the capital of the old Hapsburg Empire.

28. Mumbai (-12) – Mumbai falls out of the Top Twenty, but Delhi falls further.

29. Mexico City (+1) – Tops in Central America, again.

30. New Delhi (-13) – Though strengthening its fashion infrastructure, falls further behind Mumbai

31. Santiago (-8) – Making fashion strides while slipping a bit.

32. Bali (NL) – Solid debut for the Indonesian Archipelago.

33. Stockholm (-7) – Once more, tops in Scandinavia.

34. Copenhagen (NL) – Debuts right behind Stockholm.

35. Bangkok (-8) – Falling further behind in the fashion race.

36. Warsaw (NL) – Moves into the top tier in 2010.

37. Chicago (NL) – The Second City makes the list for the first time.

38. Toronto (NL) – Toronto edges Montreal for the top Canadian entry.

39. Krakow (-11) – Maintains a rather unique and creative niche in the industry.

40. (Tie) Dallas (NL) – There are more than cowboys in this emerging regional capital.

40. (Tie) Atlanta (NL) – More than CNN is making an international impact from Hot ‘Lanta.

Nominated:  Antwerpen, Caracas, Frankfurt, Medellin, Seoul