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The Hills Medical Group Becomes Austin’s First Christian Medical Clinic

The Hills Medical Group (THMG) Becomes Austin’s First Christian Medical Clinic  

Now Associated with Deep River Ministries


Austin, TEXAS, March 6, 2014 – The Hills Medical Group is Austin’s first Christ Medical Healing Center through its new association with the Deep River Ministries (DRM) of San Antonio. DRM is a Christian interdenominational church founded by Rev. Dr. Jack Sheffield. Specifically, because of its association with DRM’s Christ Healing Center, The Hills Medical Group (THMG) is now able to bring God deeper into the healing process to help combat the spiritual component of any illness.

“The Hills Medical Group has long been associated with innovative and breakthrough healing techniques, including alternative, naturopathic, and holistic health treatments as well as complementary conventional treatments,” said Dr. Ted Edwards, known as the Father of Wellness in Texas. “With this new association with the Christ Healing Center we now have another point of distinction: the first Medical Healing Center appointed by Deep River Ministries.

This makes The Hills Medical Group not only a leading holistic health & alternative treatments clinic, but also a medical group where prayer becomes an even more active, integral part of the healing process.

THMG uses patients’ own biochemical information to develop a course of treatment that will allow the body to heal itself. The goal is to limit chronic use of prescription drugs and to use nutrients and natural detoxifiers to promote natural healing.

As alternative treatment and modalities become increasingly widespread, THMG works to treat the whole patient –body, mind and spirit. Since stress on the mind, causes stress on the body, HMG’s treatments are designed to identify and address those areas of weakness.

In addition to their professional specialties, all three associated in the practice are ordained Christian ministers.

Hills Medical Group Staff:

Ted L. Edwards, Jr., M.D., has been treating patients in Austin since 1964. He is an internist with extensive training in Internal Medicine, Anti-aging Modalities and Gastroenterology. He has served the medical profession and Austin community over the years as Chairman of the Texas Medical Association Section on Digestive Disease, Team Physician and Chairman of Sports Medicine for the U.S. Cycling Federation, Chief of Staff at Holy Cross Hospital and Chairman of the Texas Governor’s Commission on Physical Fitness.

His pioneering concept of “Wellness” led to the honorary title of “The Father of Wellness in Texas” during his tenure as Chairman of the Texas Governor’s Commission on Physical Fitness. In addition to serving the community, he is an acclaimed author and radio talk show host. Dr. Edwards has written two books, Power Aging and Weight Loss to Super Wellness. He has educated the public through his radio show and has been a featured speaker on the topics of Alternative Medicine, Gastroenterology and Wellness.

Dr. Edwards is ordained and believes deeply that the power of prayer, gratitude and forgiveness is essential to healing. Prayer is offered and encouraged as part of the healing process.

Terri M. Beim, N.D. is a certified Naturopathic and Holistic Healthcare Practitioner and has been in practice since 2001. The goal of her consultation is to help the whole person in identifying their particular health challenge and then re-establishing the body’s balance by removing the obstacles to health & encouraging the body’s natural healing process. She is first and foremost an educator, spending an extensive amount of time with each client on their particular body chemistry, toxic loads, diet, lifestyle, and the subsequent health challenges faced by that person.

Specialties include food sensitivities/allergies, gluten sensitivity, and candida overgrowth. She is able to offer the most effective protocols available for dealing with these issues as well as providing the required education to the patient in order to insure a successful outcome. Additionally, she is able to assist with natural hormone balancing, optimizing immune function, nutritional deficiencies, detoxification, and various other therapies aimed at helping the human body return to the natural state of homeostasis.

She is ordained and believes in the power of prayer and offers prayer as well as spiritual guidance as part of the healing process.

I. Harrison Moore, M.D. is a board certified Family Practice Physician, eligible with the Board of Clinical Metal Toxicology and a member of the Institute of Functional Medicine and DAN certified for autism spectrum disorders. Dr. Moore has provided care for over 30 years to adults and children. In years of practicing, he has treated entire families from birth to end of life in the fields of obstetrics, gynecology, pediatrics, geriatrics, internal and hospital medicine.

Dr. Moore’s care is patient centered, meaning that he focuses on the person, not the diagnosis or disease. Many patients come in with vague, unusual and often chronic symptoms that their doctors have not been able to figure out. They are often worn out and discouraged from just trying to get someone in the medical establishment to listen to them. Dr. Moore often hears that “all my labs are normal’ but they don’t feel “normal.” He listens to his patients and values their input. He feels it’s important to establish a good rapport and a trusting relationship with a patient.

Specialties include thyroid disorders, natural hormone balancing, persistent fatigue, anti-aging, insomnia, GI issues, toxic metals, high blood pressure, cardiovascular health, osteoporosis, autism, ADD/ADHD, low immunity, chronic illness, and optimum well child visits.

Additionally, he is ordained and offers prayer as part of the healing process upon request.

About the Hills Medical Group

The Hills Medical Group is Austin’s premier naturopathic holistic health & alternative treatments clinic and also a house of healing prayer, where prayer becomes an active, integral part of the healing process.

The Hills Medical Group | Center for Health and Healing,
4201 Bee Caves Road, Suite B112, West Lake Hills, Texas 78746
Website: http://www.centerforhealthandhealing.org
Phone: 512-327-4886. Email: info@poweraging.com

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