Top 200 US College Brands, 2014 by the Global Language Monitor

Top 200 US College Brands 2014 by the Global Language Monitor


Methodology:  For this analysis, the Global Language Monitor used its proprietary Brand Affiliation Index (BAI), the same technology used to measure global brand equity for the Olympics, World Cup, the Fortune 500, and others.  This exclusive, GLM longitudinal-study encompasses the prior three years to better assess short-term velocity and longer-term momentum.  The study is a Big Data textual analysis based on billions of webpages, millions of blogs, the top 375,000 global print and electronic media, and new social media formats as they appear.  This is the ninth edition of the survey since it first appeared in 2008.


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Click here to order the 2014 TrendTopper MediaBuzz Guide Now!

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2014 Rank, College, Rank in 2013

  1. United States Military Academy 3

  2. University of Richmond 1

  3. Pomona College 25

  4. Wellesley College 4

  5. Amherst College 6

  6. Williams College 7

  7. Middlebury College 8

  8. Vassar College 9

  9. Babson College 11

  10. Pratt Institute 10

  11. Bucknell University 2

  12. The Cooper Union 12

  13. Lafayette College 18

  14. Colgate University 21

  15. Bowdoin College 14

  16. Swarthmore College 17

  17. Occidental College 15

  18. Bard College 20

  19. Oberlin College 19

  20. United States Naval Academy 13

  21. Barnard College 24

  22. Rhode Island School of Design 16

  23. Dickinson College 22

  24. Virginia Military Institute 23

  25. Reed College 26

  26. Davidson College 27

  27. School of the Art Institute of Chicago 5

  28. Grinnell College 28

  29. Trinity Washington University 29

  30. Bryn Mawr College 39

  31. Gettysburg College 34

  32. Trinity College 38

  33. Union College 31

  34. Morehouse College 35

  35. Carleton College 37

  36. Spelman College 33

  37. Washington and Lee University 36

  38. Skidmore College 42

  39. Kenyon College 40

  40. Hamilton College 30

  41. United States Air Force Academy 41

  42. The Juilliard School 45

  43. Mount Holyoke College 43

  44. Drew University 44

  45. Colby College 47

  46. Smith College 48

  47. Bates College 46

  48. DePauw University 49

  49. Haverford College 51

  50. Knox College 50

  51. Messiah College 68

  52. Flagler College 52

  53. Wesleyan University 55

  54. Sweet Briar College 53

  55. St. Michael’s College 54

  56. Willamette University 56

  57. College of the Holy Cross 64

  58. Denison University 61

  59. Macalester College 60

  60. Siena College 57

  61. Westminster College 58

  62. Bethune-Cookman University 59

  63. Centre College 62

  64. Furman University 65

  65. Gustavus Adolphus 32

  66. St. Olaf College 66

  67. University of the Arts, PA 93

  68. University of Puget Sound 63

  69. Rhodes College 67

  70. Berklee College of Music 69

  71. Claremont McKenna College 75

  72. Sarah Lawrence College 76

  73. St Lawrence University 71

  74. Ohio Northern University 77

  75. Guilford College 79

  76. Hobart William Smith College 70

  77. St. John’s College, MD 74

  78. Beloit College 78

  79. Ohio Wesleyan University 83

  80. Linfield College 73

  81. The College of Wooster 80

  82. Birmingham Southern College 81

  83. Elmira College 82

  84. Wheaton College IL 72

  85. San Francisco Art Institute 89

  86. Stonehill College 84

  87. California Institute of the Arts 95

  88. Colorado College 85

  89. Oklahoma Baptist College 86

  90. Hampden – Sydney College 87

  91. Hillsdale College 90

  92. High Point University 92

  93. Muhlenberg College 88

  94. Presbyterian College 91

  95. Bennington College 126

  96. Whitman College 94

  97. Cornell College 96

  98. Calvin College 97

  99. Allegheny College 98

  100. Kalamazoo College 120

  101. Berea College 103

  102. Ripon College 124

  103. Wittenberg University 104

  104. Albion College 117

  105. Illinois Wesleyan University 115

  106. Scripps College 130

  107. SUNY—Purchase 118

  108. Lake Forest College 111

  109. Susquehanna University 119

  110. St. Mary’s College, IN 155

  111. Carthage College 113

  112. Goucher College 105

  113. Moravian College 114

  114. Milwaukee School of Engineering 116

  115. SUNY—Geneseo 125

  116. Wofford College 110

  117. California College of the Arts 102

  118. Pitzer College 142

  119. Fisk University 100

  120. Wheaton College, MA 107

  121. Hood College 135

  122. Whittier College 106

  123. St. Mary-of-the-Woods College 121

  124. US Coast Guard Academy 137

  125. Marietta College 128

  126. Randolph College, Macon 101

  127. Ursinus College 138

  128. Goshen College 152

  129. Wabash College 122

  130. Florida Southern College 108

  131. Agnes Scott College 123

  132. Earlham College 129

  133. Grove City College 112

  134. Albright College 133

  135. Adrian College 139

  136. Loras College IA 145

  137. Lewis and Clark College 146

  138. Hartwick College 153

  139. Harvey Mudd College 109

  140. Augustana College IL 127

  141. Lebanon Valley College 141

  142. Elizabethtown College 131

  143. Hendrix College 132

  144. San Francisco Conservatory of Music 154

  145. Transylvania University 143

  146. Endicott College 144

  147. Sewanee—University of the South 147

  148. Boston Conservatory 140

  149. Juniata College 136

  150. South Dakota School of Mines 151

  151. Lawrence University 148

  152. McDaniel College 134

  153. Hampshire College 158

  154. Elizabeth City State University 156

  155. Morningside College, IA 159

  156. Curtis Institute of Music 157

  157. University of North Carolina School of the Arts 160

  158. Franklin and Marshall College 162

  159. Augustana College, SD 161

  160. Westmont College 149

  161. Fashion Institute of Technology 171

  162. Hollins University, VA 163

  163. Connecticut College 168

  164. Buena Vista University 166

  165. McMurry University, TX 169

  166. Eastern Mennonite University 164

  167. University of Minnesota, Morris 165

  168. New College of Florida 170

  169. Bethel College, IN 172

  170. New England Conservatory of Music 150

  171. Wells College 176

  172. College of St. Benedict/St. John University 173

  173. Southwestern University 174

  174. Ouachita Baptist University 175

  175. Minneapolis College of Art and Design 178

  176. School of Visual Arts 183

  177. SUNY College of Technology, Alfred 179

  178. United States Merchant Marine Academy 180

  179. Hanover College, IN 177

  180. United States Coast Guard Academy 182

  181. Erskine College 187

  182. College of New Jersey 181

  183. Austin College 184

  184. Millsaps College 186

  185. Olin College 185

  186. Bard College at Simon’s Rock  188

  187. Howard Payne University 189

  188. LaGrange College, GA 192

  189. Berry College 191

  190. St. John’s College, NM 194

  191. Emory and Henry College 193

  192. St. Michael’s College 197

  193. Lenoir-Rhyne University 196

  194. Washington and Jefferson College 198

  195. Concordia University Texas 195

  196. University of the Ozarks 199

  197. Corcoran College of Art and Design 200

  198. Coe College 99

  199. Cleveland Institute of Music 167

  200. Eugene Lang College of New School U. 201

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Top 220 University Brands, 2014 by Global Language Monitor

Top 400 US University Brands, 9th Edition, by the Global Language Monitor


Methodology:  For this analysis, the Global Language Monitor used its proprietary Brand Affiliation Index (BAI), the same technology used to measure global brand equity for the Olympics, World Cup, the Fortune 500, and others.  This exclusive, GLM longitudinal-study encompasses the prior three years to better assess short-term velocity and longer-term momentum.  The study is a Big Data textual analysis based on billions of webpages, millions of blogs, the top 375,000 global print and electronic media, and new social media formats as they appear.  This is the ninth edition of the survey since it first appeared in 2008.

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Top Colleges TrendTopper 2014 Cover
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2014 Rank, University, Rank in 2013

  1. Massachusetts Institute of Technology 1

  2. Harvard University 2

  3. University of California, Berkeley 5

  4. University of Chicago 7

  5. University of Texas, Austin 8

  6. University of California at Los Angeles 14

  7. University of California, Davis 18

  8. Stanford University 4

  9. New York University 15

  10. Northwestern University 34

  11. University of Pennsylvania 11

  12. University of California, San Diego 19

  13. University of Washington 13

  14. Columbia University 3

  15. University of Wisconsin, Madison 16

  16. University of Michigan, Ann Arbor 25

  17. Princeton University 10

  18. Dartmouth College 73

  19. University of Virginia 32

  20. University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill 23

  21. Yale University 6

  22. University of Minnesota 20

  23. Cornell University 9

  24. Michigan State University 31

  25. Washington University in St. Louis 47

  26. Georgia Institute of Technology 21

  27. University of Southern California 30

  28. Ohio State University, Columbus 12

  29. University of Illinois — Urbana, Champaign 26

  30. Johns Hopkins University 22

  31. Purdue University 28

  32. Indiana University, Bloomington 44

  33. University of Colorado, Boulder 43

  34. George Washington University 38

  35. Texas A&M University 40

  36. University of California, Santa Barbara 56

  37. University of California, Irvine 49

  38. Arizona State University 101

  39. Boston College 25

  40. Boston University 33

  41. Georgetown University 35

  42. Pennsylvania State University 39

  43. University of Georgia 29

  44. University of Iowa 36

  45. University of Pittsburgh 37

  46. University of Miami 45

  47. Iowa State University 64

  48. Florida State University 46

  49. University of Oregon 50

  50. Wake Forest University 94

  51. University of Missouri, Columbia 58

  52. University of Massachusetts, Amherst 66

  53. University of Notre Dame 42

  54. Rutgers, the State University of NJ 41

  55. Carnegie Mellon University 51

  56. University of South Carolina, Columbia 55

  57. Loyola University Maryland 79

  58. American University 70

  59. Oregon State University 60

  60. California Institute of Technology 53

  61. Duke University 24

  62. George Mason University 59

  63. Rochester Inst. of Technology 98

  64. Californis State U, Long Beach 141

  65. Virginia Tech 17

  66. Brown University 48

  67. University of Florida 72

  68. Loyola University, Chicago 80

  69. Vanderbilt University 57

  70. University of Connecticut 179

  71. Syracuse University 52

  72. Missouri U. of Science and Technology 72

  73. University of California, Riverside 69

  74. University of Maryland, College Park 63

  75. University of Oklahoma 93

  76. Brigham Young University, Provo 106

  77. University of Arizona 67

  78. Central Michigan University 54

  79. Washington State University 143

  80. Northeastern University 81

  81. CUNY-Brooklyn 121

  82. Villanova University 89

  83. Colorado State University 132

  84. University of California, Santa Cruz 68

  85. University of Delaware 74

  86. University of Rochester 62

  87. Howard University 84

  88. St. Joseph’s University 133

  89. Case Western Reserve University 76

  90. University of Tennessee 77

  91. Miami University, OH 89

  92. Southern Methodist University 87

  93. Emory University 71

  94. Stony Brook University 88

  95. Cal Poly—San Luis Obispo 139

  96. University of Alabama 116

  97. University of New Hampshire 95

  98. University of Phoenix 27

  99. University of Kentucky 75

  100. Binghamton– SUNY 130

  101. University of San Francisco 105

  102. Loyola University New Orleans 129

  103. University of Denver 92

  104. College of Charleston 184

  105. University of Arkansas 111

  106. Tufts University 61

  107. Michigan Technological University 176

  108. James Madison University 102

  109. Lehigh University 107

  110. University of Vermont 135

  111. Auburn University 65

  112. Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute 96

  113. Kansas State University 137

  114. Santa Clara University 103

  115. Manhattanville College 203

  116. Rice University 78

  117. Catholic University of America 117

  118. Hofstra University 108

  119. Brandeis University 104

  120. Elon University 171

  121. Baylor University 85

  122. University at Buffalo—SUNY 127

  123. St. Catherine’s University 147

  124. Tulane University 82

  125. University of the Pacific 125

  126. Drexel University 90

  127. Mills College 187

  128. Clemson University 83

  129. North Carolina State University, Raleigh 122

  130. Fordham University 86

  131. Texas State U, San Marcos 128

  132. DePaul University 97

  133. University of Dayton 120

  134. Springfield College 191

  135. Sacred Heart University 195

  136. Kansas University 91

  137. College of William and Mary 102

  138. Wagner College 194

  139. CUNY-Hunter College 100

  140. Liberty University 114

  141. Bentley University 185

  142. Marquette University 99

  143. University of Redlands 197

  144. St. Mary’s College of California 115

  145. Texas Christian University 112

  146. Rider University 192

  147. Hamline University 189

  148. University of San Diego 113

  149. Worcester Polytechnic Institute 167

  150. CUNY-City College 206

  151. Iona College 165

  152. John Carroll University 200

  153. Capella University 153

  154. Alfred University 199

  155. Xavier University 178

  156. Stetson University 162

  157. Valparaiso University 173

  158. Manhattan College 166

  159. Tuskegee University 146

  160. Illinois Institute of Technology 119

  161. Montclair State University 154

  162. The Citadel 168

  163. University of Dallas 181

  164. Stevens Institute of Technology 160

  165. Fairfield University 175

  166. Hood College 210

  167. Pepperdine University 118

  168. Oral Roberts University 188

  169. CUNY-Queens 110

  170. Embry-Riddle Aeronautical U. 157

  171. University of Mary Washington 205

  172. Yeshiva University 139

  173. St. Louis University 123

  174. Seattle University 124

  175. Loyola Marymount University 138

  176. Truman State University 182

  177. Creighton University 136

  178. Clarkson University 180

  179. Augsburg College 202

  180. Baldwin – Wallace College 204

  181. University of Tulsa 145

  182. Ithaca College 126

  183. CUNY-Baruch 109

  184. Evergreen State 186

  185. Walden University 156

  186. LaSalle University 214

  187. Towson University 131

  188. St Edward’s University 208

  189. University of Northern Iowa 211

  190. Florida A&M University 190

  191. Rowan University 170

  192. Simmons College 174

  193. Chapman University 134

  194. Kaplan University 159

  195. Colorado School of Mines 161

  196. Morgan State University 164

  197. University of Portland 201

  198. Providence College 148

  199. Quinnipiac University 150

  200. Roger Williams University 193

  201. University of Scranton 183

  202. Emerson College 144

  203. Ramapo College 196

  204. New Jersey Institute of Technology 149

  205. St. Bonaventure University 213

  206. Drake University 142

  207. Clark University 151

  208. Gonzaga University 152

  209. Western Governors University 198

  210. Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology 209

  211. Butler University 140

  212. Dillard University 212

  213. Rollins College 155

  214. St. Mary’s University of San Antonio 169

  215. Whitworth University 215

  216. Xavier University of Louisiana 158

  217. University of Mary Hardin-Baylor 207

  218. Abilene Christian University 172

  219. Bradley University 163

  220. St. Johns University, NY 177

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Beats Tops Sony in First Ambush Marketing Rankings World Cup 2014

Shocker: Beats Tops Sony in First Ambush Marketing Rankings World Cup 2014 Nike outpaces Adidas, McDonald’s falls behind in first Ambush Marketing Rankings World Cup 2014

Order the Book Now!
Order the Book Now!

June 23, 2014, Austin, TEXAS — In the Global Language Monitor‘s first Ambush Marketing analysis of the FIFA World Cup 2014 has found that Beats Tops Sony for No.1 Ambush Marketer of the Tournament thus far. In fact, four of the top five positions on the chart were held by Ambushers of Sony, McDonald’s, Continental, and Adidas. We should note that Continental was in a class of its own — at 538.20, towering over the other partners and sponsors who had an identifiable ‘non-affiliated marketer’ (NAM) thus far.


Of course, Beats, the headphones created by Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iovine (and banned by FIFA at the World Cup), scored a remarkable one hundred plus BAI points, ahead of Sony, the FIFA Partner. McDonald’s, which had multiple competitors, and was bested by KFC by 16.56 BAI points. However when the competitors are added together the scores stand significantly ahead of Mickey D’s. We will analyze those numbers in a later report.

“The numbers tell the story, and it is very interesting story, indeed,” said Paul JJ Payack, the Global Language Monitor president and Chief Word Analyst. “Global marketers have decided that aligning their brands with the FIFA World Cup is every bit as valuable as the Olympics, and perhaps even more so for certain audiences and demographics.” ​

World Cup 2014 BAI Ambush Marketer Rankings
World Cup 2014 BAI Ambush Marketer Rankings

Other results include Nike cruising by Adidas by a comfortable margin and in the Healthcare sector, P&G crushed Johnson and Johnson (J&J), scoring five times higher in the brand recognition scorecard. Visa easily outdueled Mastercard. Budweiser, now part of the inBEV family, edged by Heineken, though Heineken has a small, but growing following in Latin America. The other patrons and sponsors without identifiable non-affiliated marketing competitors appear to have solid niche leadership as shown in the FIFA 2014 Overall BAI rankings below. ​​

World Cup 2014 BAI Ambush Marketer Rankings
World Cup 2014 BAI Ambush Marketer Rankings

​ When measured by the Global Language Monitor’s Brand Affiliation Index (BAI), the individual brands comprising the FIFA World Cup Sponsors and Partners had significantly disparate results as shown above.

Previously, the Global Language Monitor tracked how much the ‘corruption scandal’ was affecting the brand images of the partner and sponsors. The brands were tested and ranked by their Brand Affiliation Index(BAI) when linked to 2014 World Cup and words like “corruption”. GLM will follow up with the ‘corruption sandal’, as the World Cup unfolds.

There are a number of press reports detailing the efforts of some brands to downplay the effects on the scandal to their brand. When your brand could be sullied in front of the 3.4 billion television viewers of World Cup 2014, their concerns, whether or not admitted, are serious and significant.

The individual numbers are determined by Global Language Monitor’s (GLM) Brand Affiliation Index (BAI), a proprietary, longitudinal study that analyzes the global association between (and among) individual brands and their competitors or, in this case, the FIFA World Cup 2014.

The value of World Cup sponsorship continues to rise, from $10 million for lessor arrangements to partnerships approaching $200 million, though these fees are dwarfed by Olympic partnerships, a cost estimated to be up to $1 billion, fully loaded, over a four-year Olympiad.

Founded in Silicon Valley in 2003, Austin, Texas-based GLM collectively documents, analyzes and tracks trends worldwide, with a particular emphasis upon the English language. For more information, individualized reports, or a monthly subscription, call +1.512.815.8836 or email

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Ambush Marketing (and Marketing) Awards for the Sochi Winter Games Announced

Olympic Wrap-up, March 2014 Austin, Texas — The Global Language Monitor announced that Red Bull has taken the Gold for the Top Ambush Marketing Campaign, while Proctor & Gamble out-dueled a resurgent Samsung to take the Gold for the Top Marketing Campaign by an Official Sponsor for the recently concluded XXII Olympic Winter Games in Sochi, Russia.   For the Ambushers, Red Bull led comfortably over Subway, which took the Silver, and Rolex, a surprise winner of the Bronze;  Rolex was in a very tight race with both Unilever and Siemens. Following P&G for the Official Sponsors were Samsung taking the Silver, and Coca-Cola hauling in the Bronze.   P&G, Samsung and Coca-Cola all had critically acclaimed marketing campaigns that were well-received by global audiences.

Download the Official Sochi Marketing Report NOW!

The awards are determined by Global Language Monitor’s (GLM) Brand Affiliation Index (BAI),  a proprietary, longitudinal study that analyzes the global association between (and among) individual brands and their competitors or, in this case, the Sochi Winter Games.  In the study, The Global Language Monitor measured several dozen factors, closely examining all marketing movement extending from London 2012 to projections for the Rio 2016.  GLM has been tracking the Olympics in this manner  since the Beijing Summer Games.


The Terra Cotta medal, the new award for least successful marketing campaign by an official partner, was contested by Visa Card, Omega, and Atos. Visa Card had the visibility without the impact of the P&G, Coke, and Samsung efforts.  Omega’s rank is a conundrum:  It appeared on the screen during every timed event, yet it, apparently, did not register in the minds of the global audience.  (This needs to be rectified.)  And Atos apparently doesn’t mind ‘winning’ the first Terra Cotta medal, since it has been dubbed the ‘Unsung Hero’ of the Games for creating Sochi’s vast (and effective) IT infrastructure. “The value of Olympic sponsorship continues to rise as evidenced by the bold attempts by the Ambush Marketers to associate their brands with the Sochi Winter Games.” said Paul JJ Payack, president and Chief Word Analyst, the Global Language Monitor.   “The more stringent the legislation to outlaw any effort to ‘ambush’ the Games, the more marketers seem intent on circumventing the rules.  And the more news related to ‘ambushing’ is highlighted by the media.  An example is a Sochi official taping over Apple’s logo in plain site of the global media (#EpicFailure)”. GLM uses its proprietary algorithmic services to perform brand audits, enabling organizations to judge their brand performance between and among their competitors and their peers.  The higher the BAI (Brand Affiliation Index) the closer the brand affiliation with the primary brand, in this case the Sochi Winter Olympics. Of course, not all Ambush Marketers plan to steal the Olympic glow from their competitors, a cost estimated to be up to $1 billion, fully loaded, over a four-year Olympiad. Therefore, GLM uses the term Non-affiliated Marketers (NAM) for those, like Starbucks, who seem to engender a false impression of Olympic sponsorship, our research shows, because of their immense size, health-oriented menu, and image of busy, successful people dashing in and out. Nike, for example, is proud of its Ambush Marketing ‘stunts’ such as the ‘Yellow-Green Neon Shoe’ escapade in London 2012 — and the record backs them up. The Sochi All Marketers Final Ranking by BAI  is shown below.

Sochi All Marketers BAI Final

Of particular note are the following. 0  Red Bull’s connection with extreme and ‘uber-extreme’ sports has paid off, once again.  Red Bull topped all marketers (official and otherwise), out-distancing the Gold-winning P&G, the top official sponsor, by some nine percent. o  The Nike Stunt that Never Was — Though long anticipated, and expected, never materialized.  At the end of the London Summer Games, Nike’s BAI reached 223.98, compared with its final Sochi BAI of 30.25, a net difference of nearly 200 points. Nevertheless, the fact that some twenty months after London,  Nike is still ahead of three official Sponsors is testament to the lasting power of the London Stunt. o  P&G’s “Thank you, Mom” campaign had viewers anticipating and actually recording the commercials for later viewing.  The 316% increase from already-solid final London numbers is well deserved. o  Subway, the Ambush Silver medalist’s year-round promotions with current and former Olympic icons worked once again.  Subway’s 176.31 BAI topped that of eight of the 10 official sponsors. 0  In the battle between Coca-Cola, the Bronze medalist, and McDonald’s, long-time Olympic sponsors (and rivals), Coke more than doubled McDonald’s BAI (171.59 to 85.22).   The back story here:  Coca-Cola rose 48% from it London final, while McDonald’s was down about 8%. o  Unilever (109.73), the P&G rival finished as the No. 4 NAM and No.8 marketer overall.  Unilever rose some 800% over its London final (11.93). o  GE had a noteworthy Olympics rising some 60% over a very respectable London performance (91.22 vs 55.97).  GE’s commercials deftly detailed its incredibly broad range of products and services in a very entertaining manner.  Rival Siemens also scored well, in fact, actually besting GE by about nine percent. o  Apple Computer and Burton Snowboards both made an impression with the worldwide audience:  the former with the ‘tape incident’ where an Apple logo was taped over by a Sochi official (Mistake:  taping in full view  of the media) during a skating competition, and Burton, for its brazen attempt to place its over-sized logo on the very visible  underside of the boards of prominent snowboarders.

London to end of Sochi
Change Over Course of Sochi

In the study, GLM measured several dozen factors, including the change in BAI from the end of the London Summer Games in 2012 to the end of the Sochi Winter Games for both Top Partners and Non-Affiliated Marketers. In percentage gains, the Top Partners almost doubled, rising over 95%.  The biggest movers were Samsung, P&G, and Dow — all scoring triple-digit gains by percentage. However, the Non-Affiliated Marketers on the average almost quadrupled, up over 358%. .The largest gainers were Rolex (with a 1500% gain), Red Bull,Unilever, DuPont, and Siemens (all with triple-digit gains), and Subway. Measuring brands movements during the Sochi Games,themselves,  six of the Top Ten gainers were Ambushers, as shown below.

Sochi Change During Games

Red Bull made the largest move during the Sochi Games, followed by Top Partners GE and DOW.   Coca-Cola and McDonald’s (at No. 7 and 8) were the other Top Partners in the top ten.  Non-Affiliated Marketers Unilever, DuPont, IBM Global Services, Nike, and Starbucks all made strong moves during the Games. The “Sochi Games Brand Marketing Report:  Post-Games Analysis”  is now available; order here. Over the last four Olympics, the Global Language Monitor has been using its Brand Affiliation Index and NarrativeTracker technology to measure the relationship of the official Sponsors and their competitors to the various Olympics brands. This is a longitudinal study that reaches back to the Beijing Summer Games in 2008. The names of the sponsors change rarely, but the non-affiliated competitors remain a core group with others that come on to the Olympic platform for but a cycle or two. GLM has found that there are many misconceptions continue to persist despite the evidence.

If you are looking for these or similar analyses for your event, company, organization, university, or brands, call 1.512.815.8836, or email

About the Global Language Monitor
Austin-Texas-based Global Language Monitor analyzes and catalogues the latest trends in word usage and word choices and their impact on the various aspects of culture, with a particular emphasis upon Global English. This exclusive ranking is based upon GLM’s Narrative Tracking technology.  NarrativeTracker analyzes the Internet, blogosphere, the top 250,000 print and electronic news media, as well as new social media sources (such as Twitter) as they emerge.  The words, phrases and concepts are tracked in relation to their frequency, contextual usage and appearance in global media outlets.
In 2003, The Global Language Monitor (GLM) was founded in Silicon Valley by Paul J.J. Payack on the understanding that new technologies and techniques were necessary for truly understanding the world of Big Data, as it is now known.  GLM provides a number of innovative products and services that utilize its ‘algorithmic services’ to help worldwide customers protect, defend and nurture their branded products and entities.  Products include ‘brand audits’ to assess the current status, establish baselines, and competitive benchmarks for current intellectual assets and brands.
These services are currently provided to the Fortune 500, the Higher Education market, high technology firms, the worldwide print and electronic media, and the global fashion industry, among others.
For more information, call 1.512.815.8836, email, or visit
 “Sochi Games Brand Marketing Report:  Post-Games Analysis”  is now available for download order here.


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Sochi 2014 Brand Marketing Games: Subway Leads P&G for Gold, Red Bull vs. GE for Silver, McDonald’s Falters

Sochi Olympic Logo
Sochi Rings

Where’s Nike?

Subway Leads P&G for Gold, Red Bull vs. GE for Silver, McDonald’s Falters

Terra Cotta Medals Introduced

Sochi Olympics Week Two, February, 2014 Austin, Texas — After the first full week of the Sochi Winter Games, the marketing medal count finalized with the competition between and among the official sponsors and the Non-affiliated Marketers (NAM) is tight, according to the Global Language Monitor.  Some highlights include Subway leading P&G for the Gold, Red Bull contending with GE for Silver, and McDonald’s apparently faltering thus far.  The complete details are shown in the charts below.


Download Final Report Here!
Download Final Report Here!


Also, since no one can be eliminated from the Games once they begin, GLM has introduced the Terra Cotta medal in addition to the traditional Gold, Silver, and Bronze.  In the Ancient world, Terra Cotta was considered the least valuable material for permanence (after gold, silver, and bronze).

The Terra Cotta Medal is depicted below.

Sochi Silver Medal
Sochi Silver Medal
Sochi Gold Medal
Sochi Gold Medal
Sochi Bronze Medal
Sochi Bronze Medal
Terra Cotta Medal
Terra Cotta Medal







“While the eyes of the world are focused on the athletes and the intense struggle on the ice and snow in Sochi, the eyes of the marketing world are keenly aware of the battle being waged for the billions of dollars in brand equity for being associated with the Winter Games.” said Paul JJ Payack, President and Chief Word Analyst, the Global Language Monitor.

Some highlights from the longitudinal study:

  • P&G has had an extraordinary Olympics thus far and will be in serious contention for the overall Gold.
  • Coke has a towering lead over McDonald’s, more a testament to Coke improving and Mickey D’s essentially treading water.
  • Rolex has improved , in terms of BAI from 6.1 in London to 144.23 today.
  • Red Bull leads the pack in the for Silver contenders.  After all, if you jump from a Space Capsule to Earth, you’re must be affiliated with Red Bull.
  • GE and Siemens are neck-and-neck; Siemens moved down two spots, while GE was up four.
  • Unilever sits comfortably at No. 9,  up one from last week.
  • Great commercials are bringing home the fact GE is (a lot) more than light bulbs.
  • Dow (No. 13) is up 2 this week, while DuPont (No.14) is down 2.
  • IBM Global Services and Atos Origin come in at No. 19 and 21, however they are both B-to-B plays and as long as they connect to the right people.
  • Omega deserves a higher profile; though they are on the screen for key moments of every competition, they are down in Terra Cotta territory.
  • Finally, Where is Nike?  They are ready to pounce, but no pouncing evidenced thus far.

Sochi Olympic Marketing Report 90 Days Out

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The Ambush Marketing Race to the Sochi Olympics is on!


P&G, Samsung and GE lead Worldwide Partners but trail Philips, Siemens and Adidas

Ten of the top 15 spots are occupied by the Non-affiliated Marketers

The race to the Rio Summer Olympics (2016) is not far behind


Sochi Ambush Marketing Report Image

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AUSTIN, Texas August 30 – September 2, 2013 — Six months out, the race for the Top Marketers of the Sochi Winter Olympics is in full swing. And the race to the Rio Summer Olympics of 2016 is not far behind, according to the “Sochi 2014 Ambush Marketing Outlook” report released by the Global Language Monitor (GLM), the brand equity trend tracking firm. P&G, Samsung and GE lead the Worldwide Partners but trail Non-affiliated Marketers Philips, Siemens and Adidas. When measured by GLM’s proprietary Brand Affiliation Index (BAI),10 of the top 15 spots are occupied by the Non-affiliated Marketers – with the bottom five spots all held by top sponsors. The longitudinal study began in July 2011 and tracks the top Worldwide Partners as designated by the Sochi Organizing Committee (SOC) and IOC.

The Global Language Monitor has been conducting brand audits of the top Olympic sponsors and their unaffiliated competitors since the Beijing Summer Games.

In the study conducted throughout August, three brands among Sochi’s ten Worldwide Olympic Partners, P&G, Samsung and GE have already achieved significant brand affiliation with Sochi, while McDonald’s, Panasonic and Coca-Cola had some brand affiliation. The Sochi Winter Olympics have ten Worldwide Olympic Partners: Atos Origin, Coca-Cola, Dow Chemical, General Electric, McDonald’s, Omega watches. Panasonic, Procter & Gamble (P&G), Samsung, and Visa Card.

For these rankings GLM measured the strength of the brand affiliation for each official Olympic sponsor against those of their primary non-affiliated competitors. Though ‘ambush marketing’ is well understood to mean an organization knowingly exploiting a brand affiliation with the Games without the benefit of official sponsorship, all perceived Olympic affiliations according to their presence in the global media, and statistically linked to the the particular event, qualify for GLM’s Ambush Marketing rankings.

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2013 Major Golf Championships Ranked by Internet Media Buzz

British Open No. 1 by the wide margin, Master’s No. 2


In Analysis ‘The Players’ Ranks higher than the PGA


Biggest Problem:  Nicklaus adds three Majors (to 21), Woods adds only one (to 15).

Austin, Texas. May 11, 2013. (Updated)  Open Championship has been declared the Top Golf Major by Internet Media Buzz, according to an analysis using Global Language Monitor’s Sports Brand Affiliation Index (S-BAI).  

One major point of resistance:  By elevating the Players to Major Status means Nicklaus adds three Majors to his total (to 21), while Woods adds only one (to 15).
The S-BAI analysis compared the strength of affiliation of each of the currently recognized events (The Masters, The US Open, The Open Championship or British Open and the PGA Championship) to the concept of ‘major championship’.  GLM then added the Players Championship for comparison with the four recognized events.  In an associated finding, the Players Championship has entered into the top ranks of the golfing world as one of the sport’s major championship events or Majors.  In fact, the Players’ Championship is in a virtual tie with the US Open for third.
There are now five Majors by MediaBuzz Concensus
There are now five Majors by MediaBuzz Consensus
The Open Championship’s S-Brand Affiliation Index (147.59) was followed by the Masters at 106.62.  The US Open and Players Championships finished in a virtual tie for third at 90.74 and 90.17, respectively.  The Open Championship scored nearly twice as high as the PGA Championship (79.40).
Ranklng the Golf Majors by Sports BAI 
1.  The British Open 147.59
2.  The Masters  106.62
3.  The US Open  90.74
4.  The Players  90.17
5′  The PGA  79.40
“After forty years, the Players Championship has earned its place among the Major Golf Championships,” said Paul JJ Payack, President and Chief Word Analyst of GLM.   “Forty years is certainly an excellent vantage point to judge its worthiness. And the data has spoken.”
Payack added,  “Since 1860 The Open is the championship against which all future Majors would be judged.  Now over one hundred and fifty-years later, we see that it towers above all others in the world of golf.”  
In the early to mid 20th century, the Majors were considered to be those tournaments won by Bobby Jones during his historic 1930 season:  the US and British Amateurs, the Open Championship and the US Open. Later Jones’ own tournament, the Masters, gained in importance as did the Western Open (considered a Major by many for a number of decades) as the British PGA fell from favor.  As recently as 1960 there was no official recognition of the Majors, as such.
For this analysis, GLM employed proprietary ‘algorithmic methodologies’ such as the Brand Affiliation Index.  The BAI computes and details the relative brand equity of people, products or events based on the analysis of global discourse, providing a real-time, accurate assessment at any point in time.  To do so, GLM analyzes the billions of pages on the Internet, millions of blogs, the top 175,000 global print and electronic media, as well as Twitter and new social media sources, as they emerge.
GLM will perform another analysis following the conclusion of the 2013 Majors.
About Global Language Monitor:  “We Tell the World What the Web is Thinking”
Founded in Silicon Valley, Austin, Texas-based GLM collectively documents, analyzes and tracks trends worldwide, with a particular emphasis upon the English language. For more information, individualized reports, or a monthly subscription, call +1.512.815.8836 or email

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