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Beats Tops Sony in First Ambush Marketing Rankings World Cup 2014

Shocker: Beats Tops Sony in First Ambush Marketing Rankings World Cup 2014 Nike outpaces Adidas, McDonald’s falls behind in first Ambush Marketing Rankings World Cup 2014

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June 23, 2014, Austin, TEXAS — In the Global Language Monitor‘s first Ambush Marketing analysis of the FIFA World Cup 2014 has found that Beats Tops Sony for No.1 Ambush Marketer of the Tournament thus far. In fact, four of the top five positions on the chart were held by Ambushers of Sony, McDonald’s, Continental, and Adidas. We should note that Continental was in a class of its own — at 538.20, towering over the other partners and sponsors who had an identifiable ‘non-affiliated marketer’ (NAM) thus far.


Of course, Beats, the headphones created by Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iovine (and banned by FIFA at the World Cup), scored a remarkable one hundred plus BAI points, ahead of Sony, the FIFA Partner. McDonald’s, which had multiple competitors, and was bested by KFC by 16.56 BAI points. However when the competitors are added together the scores stand significantly ahead of Mickey D’s. We will analyze those numbers in a later report.

“The numbers tell the story, and it is very interesting story, indeed,” said Paul JJ Payack, the Global Language Monitor president and Chief Word Analyst. “Global marketers have decided that aligning their brands with the FIFA World Cup is every bit as valuable as the Olympics, and perhaps even more so for certain audiences and demographics.” ​

World Cup 2014 BAI Ambush Marketer Rankings
World Cup 2014 BAI Ambush Marketer Rankings

Other results include Nike cruising by Adidas by a comfortable margin and in the Healthcare sector, P&G crushed Johnson and Johnson (J&J), scoring five times higher in the brand recognition scorecard. Visa easily outdueled Mastercard. Budweiser, now part of the inBEV family, edged by Heineken, though Heineken has a small, but growing following in Latin America. The other patrons and sponsors without identifiable non-affiliated marketing competitors appear to have solid niche leadership as shown in the FIFA 2014 Overall BAI rankings below. ​​

World Cup 2014 BAI Ambush Marketer Rankings
World Cup 2014 BAI Ambush Marketer Rankings

​ When measured by the Global Language Monitor’s Brand Affiliation Index (BAI), the individual brands comprising the FIFA World Cup Sponsors and Partners had significantly disparate results as shown above.

Previously, the Global Language Monitor tracked how much the ‘corruption scandal’ was affecting the brand images of the partner and sponsors. The brands were tested and ranked by their Brand Affiliation Index(BAI) when linked to 2014 World Cup and words like “corruption”. GLM will follow up with the ‘corruption sandal’, as the World Cup unfolds.

There are a number of press reports detailing the efforts of some brands to downplay the effects on the scandal to their brand. When your brand could be sullied in front of the 3.4 billion television viewers of World Cup 2014, their concerns, whether or not admitted, are serious and significant.

The individual numbers are determined by Global Language Monitor’s (GLM) Brand Affiliation Index (BAI), a proprietary, longitudinal study that analyzes the global association between (and among) individual brands and their competitors or, in this case, the FIFA World Cup 2014.

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The value of World Cup sponsorship continues to rise, from $10 million for lessor arrangements to partnerships approaching $200 million, though these fees are dwarfed by Olympic partnerships, a cost estimated to be up to $1 billion, fully loaded, over a four-year Olympiad.

Founded in Silicon Valley in 2003, Austin, Texas-based GLM collectively documents, analyzes and tracks trends worldwide, with a particular emphasis upon the English language. For more information, individualized reports, or a monthly subscription, call +1.512.815.8836 or email info@LanguageMonitor.com



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